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The King of Spriters 2006: Cellout

Years ago, 2003 to be exact, I started a mock fighting game activity (originally titled King of Pixels until someone reminded me Spriters is a much better pun) designed to mimic Capcom and SNK's fighting game menus and their plethora of fantastic characters.  My goal was to display an entire cast of characters each created by a talented pixel artist by allowing each to draw their own in game fighter portrait that could be selected from a menu remeniscent of a fighting game.  Artists came with dozens of styles and plenty of creative characters that impressed even me and took the scope of the project to a level I had not imagined.  It became one of the most successful community art projects I've ever had the pleasure of administering.

Today, almost three years later, many of the same members are around, some of them are even professional pixel artists.  I am finding myself growing distant from a community I was once actively a participant of, and fearing drifting into obscurity from people I knew for so long, I am attempted to resurrect the activity that was such a success before.  My reasons being that this was one of the most exciting projects I recalled working with and more importantly, for some, the chance for many to fulfill a desire to have their work in a "game" of sorts.  Many of us will never see our work appear in commercial projects, some because of inexperience others possibly because they chose not to persue a career in art, but for what ever reason seeing something you made in a mock fighting game is the reward we always wanted.

You need Flash 5 Enabled.
You need Flash 5 Enabled.

If you've made it this far, please, take the time to "play" the King of Spriters 2006 below and admire the vibrant artwork of some of the most incredible artists I've had the pleasure of working with.  Don't forget to visit the web sites of artists who've provided one by clicking on their name beside their character.  Those interested in a double resolution version visit the King of Spriters 2006 Double Size Page.

King of Spriters 2003

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